Magazyn Art Licks 21 Summer 2017

In February this year, Holly Willats (Director, Art Licks) and independent curator Lily Hall stayed in Bogotá, Colombia for one month in residence at FLORA ars + natura. In the last few years Bogotá’s arts scene has found itself under the spotlight as one of the burgeoning global creative centres. Art Licks' aim during this residency was to explore the local art scene as much as possible, to meet with artists, curators, directors and writers to discuss what it is like to work in this city, and to see the realities behind this media boom. Issue 21 of Art Licks is based on this time in Bogotá: the contributions are from artists, curators and writers who Holly and Lily met and felt inspired by. We do not intend for this issue of Art Licks to act as a guide for visiting Colombia, but instead continue in the same vein as all of the previous issues of the magazine: offering insight into what early career artists are currently concerned with, their experiences of working and looking at the support structures around them. Issue 21 of Art Licks includes writing and work from: Felipe Arturo, Gabriel Botero Serna, Ramiro Camelo, Adriana Ciudad, Ana Maria Devis, Santiago Díaz Escamilla, Maria Clara Figueroa, Adrián Gaitán, David Guarnizo, José Hidalgo-Anastacio, Merel van´t Hullenaar, Carlos Jacanamijoy, Cynthia Kampelmacher, Mimi Laquidara, Daniel Lara Ballesteros, Verónica Lehner, Beatriz López, Flavia Mielnik, Sebastián Mira, Kate Morrell, Lucía Moure, Mónica Naranjo Uribe, Paola Peña Ospina, José Roca, Fátima Rodrigo, Cristina Rodríguez, María Roldán Ruiz, Christian Salablanca Díaz, Daniel Salamanca Núñez, LuisSebastián Sanabria Ardila, María Paola Sánchez, Claudia Segura, Rodrigo Toro Madrid, Andrea Triana, Mauro Vallejo, Niels Vis, Johannes Willi, Por Estos Días. Texts feature in the magazine in both English and Spanish: translated by Andrés Monzón. With special thanks to the Arts Council England & the British Council for funding the Art Licks residency at FLORA.
Magazyn Art Licks 21 Summer 2017
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