Cover Magazine UK Issue 54 Spring 2019

There has never been a global magazine dedicated to new, contemporary and replica carpets and textiles... until now! The articles in Cover magazine (formerly known as Modern Carpets and Textiles for interiors) are presented in a context and style that reflect contemporary artistic tastes and reveal all the beautiful designs in all their glory. Cover is a magazine dedicated to high-end hand-made carpets, textiles, art and design. This magazine was started in 2006 and has been building up its fan base ever since. It’s quite an unusual publication really; some may think it is a little random! Well, we like magazines that are a little bit different from the rest here at Newsstand. When you work with the sheer volume of magazines that we do, you’d understand that we appreciate a magazine which provides the reader with something different to the usual magazine offerings. Cover magazine likes to bring the reader information about the international trade fairs that are normally around at the start of each year of business in the carpet and textiles market. From Claudia Araujo who makes recycled rugs, to Jurgen Dahlmanns who is an American designer making fabric in India, the magazine likes to hammer home the creative and commercial aspects of the industry. Cover particularly likes to stress to the reader that invention and innovation knows no boundaries in the competitive and creative world of rug and carpet manufacture. If you are reading this and you have an image of the standard white fluffy rug in your head then you aren’t quite getting the message of Cover magazine! There really is so much more to rug and textile design than meets the eye. Creative designers can create works of art out of textiles that are expressive and beautifully detailed. These designs become more like sculptures than simple pieces of furniture. There are even Carpet Design Awards held each year now, the magazine will cover all the action and bring the reader all the winning entries. This magazine would be ideal for the readers who are rug creators themselves and want more motivation and inspiration to take their work to the next level.
Cover Magazine UK Issue 54 Spring 2019
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