PLAKAT Poster Rex

In summer 2017 Lars Harmsen and Markus Lange went on tour and printed silkscreen posters with a group of artists from Poland working with local artists in Athens, Istanbul, Moscow and Kiev. Now you can order the two limited publications (114 pages / black / white 108 pages = 222 pages) and four DIN A3 Riso Prints for 30.– Euro in a nice designed slipcase. Only 200 copies were printed. POSTER REX was founded in 2014 by the graphic designers Lars Harmsen (Munich) and Markus Lange (Leipzig) from Studio Farn. For each session they invite an artist to create unique posters, which are produced in various screen printing workshops around the world. All posters are screen-printed by hand or printed with other digital or analogue techniques. Each session has its own theme. POSTER REX also offers workshops for students. The collection now includes over 1,500 unique posters. A number of posters have been curated for exhibitions.
PLAKAT Poster Rex
Lars Harmsen, Markus Lange
oprawa miękka
21 × 29,7 cm
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