Basics Film-Making: Screenwriting

Basics Film-Making: Screenwriting is the second in the Basics Film-Making series and is aimed both at students on film production courses, as well as those wishing to write a short film. The book teaches the key elements of screenwriting through examining areas such as dialogue, sound, setting, shots and structure. It also provides advice to new film-makers on how to market their productions.

This is an essential guide to screenwriting and will teach the reader to write and produce artistically satisfying shorts.

Key features
- Includes a range of visuals, including numerous stills from influential films, to stimulate and enhance learning.
- Includes exercises designed to help build an understanding of scriptwriting.

Readership: Intermediate
- Suitable for foundation and undergraduate level film students.
- Established professionals.
- A practical guide for students, practitioners and teachers involved in film-making.

Robert Edgar-Hunt is head of programme for Film and TV Production at York St John University. He practises as a screenwriter and has research interests in creative writing, postmodernism and film directing.

John Marland is senior lecturer in Film and TV Production at York St John University. His research interests include the relationship between film and psychoanalysis.

James Richards is a lecturer in Screenwriting at York St John University and a freelance writer, writing for television, film and radio as well as journalism and corporate videos. He won a Bafta award and has worked as a writer and script editor on soaps, dramas and documentaries.

Basics Film-Making: Screenwriting
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