The (Not) BAD Animals

We all have a certain creature that makes our skin scrawl and give us the ‘heebie jeebies’. Spiders that make us scream and reach for the nearest shoe… Mice that make us jump on top of furniture until the coast is clear… Or bats that make us shudder at the thought of them flapping around our hair… But what did they ever do to deserve this treatment? Most of the time it’s us humans that have labelled them ugly, dangerous and downright gross. Humans have given a lot of creatures a BAD REP. And it’s one false acquisition too many for these little guys. They’re here to dispel these FALSE ACCUSATIONS…

"You humans have given us a BAD rep! You've been spreading rumours about us - rumours that aren't even true! You think we're scary and spooky and dangerous and icky. Well we're here to set the record straight because we're fed up with the lies you've been spreading. We're NOT BAD ANIMALS at all! We're just misunderstood!"

The (Not) BAD Animals
Sophie Corrigan
Frances Lincoln
185 x 253
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