Oyster Issue 116: The Obsession Issue

The Obsession Issue. Sensations are fixed on things that don't directly serve us positively — post-truths, comparative scrolling, bad behaviour and their un-cancellable effects. Enough is never enough. So, let's redefine it. Adoring the self and being grateful for one's existing base-level dopeness is compelling and contagious — celebrating the success of both mate and match is illuminating. This issue, we engage in conversations that urge this; we talk to people about passion and sexuality; we unpack things that consume us; we acknowledge what impresses us to the point of envy; we document what feels good; we thrive on fixation; we open our eyes and we see more. Highlights include: Natasha Lyonne in conversation with Carrie Brownstein, on real-life storytelling and real self-acceptance. Charli XCX and Kim Petras talk Eminem, being friends with fans and speaking through pop. Beauty features with models of the moment, including Gucci-face @buildabrat and Tess McMillan. Uncovering the mythology of LA legend Angelyne. Rico Nasty on being liked, being weird and being sexy. And so much more. Rina Sawayama on the shame and celebration of East Asian bisexuality. A conversation with Maria Koch, with Teddy Quinlivan shot by Dan Beleiu, in an 032c label special. Ana Kraš and Richie Shazam as model and muse for Collina Strada. Kenzo Takada on his colour revolution.
Oyster Issue 116: The Obsession Issue
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