Franck, Martine: One Day to the Next

This is is both an important retrospective and a collection of some of the highly regarded photographer’s favourite images.

In creating her pictures, which range from revealing portraits of such artists and writers as Michel Foucault and Marc Chagall, to engaging studies of children playing at the seaside and a photographic record of the acclaimed Théâtre du Soleil, she sees the camera as ‘a frontier, a barrier of sorts that one is constantly breaking down so as to get closer to the subject’.

Born in Antwerp, Martine Franck spent her childhood in the United States and England before studying history of art in Madrid and Paris. She began her career in photography as an assistant at Life, became a member of the first Vu agency in 1970 and was one of the founders of the agency Viva before joining Magnum in 1980. In 1995 she made a 26-minute film with Robert Delpire: Ariane et compagnie: le Théâtre du Soleil.

John Berger is a renowned author and art critic. His many books include The Success and Failure of Picasso; Art and Revolution, Moments of Cubism and Other Essays; The Look of Things, Ways of Seeing and Another Way of Telling.
Franck, Martine: One Day to the Next
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