Featuring delicious recipes and vibrant location photography, East brings to life the flavours, colours, aromas and textures of South East Asia and its mouth-watering food. Inspired by the authors' personal travels and the culinary gems they discovered, East takes you on a unique food-centric journey from the comfort of your own kitchen to Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, Indonesia and Burma. This cookbook is a thorough exploration and celebration of the food and culture of these diverse areas, and their incredible ingredients and flavours. Discover a vibrant, delicious cuisine that champions seasonal produce, easy-to-find dry goods and is jampacked with flavour. Lavishly illustrated with drool-worthy food shots and evocative photographs from locations across South East Asia, East captures the bold tastes and big colours that make the region a food-lover's paradise.
Leanne KitchenAntony Suvalko
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Hardie Grant Books
21 x 2.9 x 26 cm
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