Milk. Made: A Book About Cheese: How to Choose it, Serve it and Eat it

This is a comprehensive tour of the art of cheese-making and eating - from selecting cultures, to the practices of production to the best recipes. Principally a cookbook, the book is organised by type of cheese: fresh cheese, mould-rinded cheese, washed rind cheese, blue cheese, semihard cheese and cooked curd cheese. In each section, there is a brief introduction on the cheese&aspos;s history and how to make, store and serve it, followed by the recipes. The dishes include Fig, rosemary and brie custard, cheesy polenta and meatballs, blue cheese straws, Classic fondue and Honey, whisky and saffron cheesecake. Beautifully photographed and styled, Milk. Made. also contains profiles and interviews with some of the most inspiring and internationally recognised cheese connoisseurs from around with world, including Sugar House Creamery, Le Sapalet Dairy, Parish Hill Creamery, The Pines Dairy, Westcombe Cheddar and Neal's Yard's Jason Hinds. Bonus recipes on cooking with milk, butter and yoghurt also feature, along with recipes for the ultimate oat cakes, biscuits and crackers to accompany cheese.
Milk. Made: A Book About Cheese: How to Choose it, Serve it and Eat it
Nick Haddow
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Hardie Grant Books
20.3 x 25.7 cm
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