Spice I am: Home Style Thai Recipes

Thai chef Sujet Saenkham shares his family's home style recipes for the fresh flavours of regional Thai cooking so you can enjoy authentic Thai food at home. You can start with a simple stir-fry of basil minced chicken and then go on to learn how to make Sujet's signature stir-fried crispy belly with basil, roasted red duck curry with aubergine, tomato and pineapple and crispy prawn and lemongrass salad, as well as traditional classics like stir-fried rice noodles, tom khagai chicken, coconut & galangal soup and a massaman beef curry. Throughout, Sujet offers practical advice on mastering the simple cooking techniques you need to create your own Thai feasts to share with family and friends. This is a straight-forward and friendly book which inspires confidence. There is advice about how to structure a menu of shared dishes for your family and friends and how to achieve the desired flavour balance of hot, sweet, salty and sour. Recipes are also included for a range of curry pastes which can be also be frozen to keep on hand.
Spice I am: Home Style Thai Recipes
Christine Manfield
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23.5 x 1.5 x 28.6 cm
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