XS Extreme: Big Ideas, Small Buildings

XS and XS Green are two of the most successful design books published in recent years, with worldwide sales exceeding 150,000 copies

The third book in the XS series, XS Extreme considers buildings at the edge of possibility. Sited in remote locations, built to withstand wild climatic conditions, or conceptually daring or provocative, all the structures are original, innovative and instructive.

Over forty projects are presented through accessible, witty texts, with plans, drawings and photographs. A reference section gives architect and project information. Like its precedessors, XS Extreme offers striking new ideas at a human scale that will inspire anyone keen to improve the world we build around ourselves.

1 New and Improved: innovative materials and structural solutions
2 Art and Craft: when structure becomes sculpture
3 Scenic Routes: huts, pods and lookouts in remote landscapes
4 Off the Map: extreme climates and sites, and mobile structures
5 Radical Urban: small interventions that redefine the streetscape
XS Extreme: Big Ideas, Small Buildings
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