Art Today

In Art Today Brandon Taylor charts the ideas and practices of contemporary art across a wide international spectrum. From Minimalism and Conceptualism to video and film, from painting and sculpture to performance and installation, he shows how advanced art has continued to provoke and perplex a fascinated public. Art Today shows how the new art of recent decades has been energized not only by changing technologies of art-making, but also by the spread of new museum architecture, by the voice of the critic and in recent times by the activity of the powerful international curator. Taylor also shows how the dominant narrative of advanced art in the USA and Western Europe has been invigorated by an expanding international network, from the West Coast of America, from Eastern and Central Europe, and more recently from Asia and Africa. Reviewing the major controversies of the later 20th century and the early years of the 21st, it also includes a discussion of the impact of the internet and digital art. Generously illustrated in colour, Art Today is a guiding narrative to the most adventurous art of our time.


1. Alternatives to Modernism
2. Victory and Decline: The 1970s
3. The Politics of Painting: 1972-1990
4. Images and Things: The 1980s
5. In and Beyond the Museum: 1984-1998
6. Marks of Identity: 1985-2000
7. Other Territories: 1992-2002
8. A New Complexity: 1999-2004
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Art Today
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