Miroslaw Balka Topography

'My work is always at the frontier of things. One finds in it the traces of a political and religious situation that I try to describe, the covering up of the truth, the hiding of what you believe in, the pretence.' (Miroslaw Balka)

Over the past ten years the acclaimed sculptor Miroslaw Balka has been making concise and moving video works.Topography introduces this compelling and little known work as a multi-dimensional installation in Modern Art Oxford’s galleries and offers fresh insight into the artist's practice.

Miroslaw Balka uses video as a repository of visual and thematic material, extending a sculptural language that is rich in associations with history and his native Poland. The body and its limitations, memory, and the space between looking and knowing are reoccurring themes.

Coinciding with the artist’s major commission for The Unilever Series in the Turbine Hall at Tate Modern, Topography is presented as a multi-dimensional installation of image, sound and spatial wanderings.

This fully-illustrated catalogue designed by Åbäke, features new essays by the exhibition’s curator Suzanne Cotter, and James E. Young, Professor of English and Judaic Studies at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Miroslaw Balka Topography
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