The Triumph of Painting

artists: Albert Oehlen, Thomas Scheibitz, Wilhelm Sasnal, Kai Althoff, Dirk Skreber, Franz Ackermann

essay by Alison Gingeras

This is the first in a series of supplementary volumes to be published on The Saatchi Gallery’s renowned collection of paintings. This volume has been produced alongside Part 2 of The Triumph of Painting exhibition at The Saatchi Gallery (until October 2005) and features key works by six important artists. Painting, once declared to be on the verge of irrelevance, has regained a privileged status. The medium’s tactility, uniqueness, mythology and inherent ambiguities have allowed painting to become an open-ended vehicle for both the artist and the viewer. The work of these six artists reflects upon the medium’s own history in the age of mechanical reproduction. Includes biographies.

The Triumph of Painting
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Walther Koenig
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