The Fundamentals of Design Management

'As with other AVA publications 'The Fundamentals of Design Management' clearly articulates all elements and processes involved. The design and layout of the book adds to its appeal as our learners find this kind of visual engagement both stimulating and inspiring. The use of case studies to evidence how Design Management works for specific brands is well constructed and communicated. The images used also help to support the accompanying commentaries. The statistical and diagrammatical information is also very easy for students to understand and decipher.' Simon Gomes, Course Leader: BA (Hons) Graphic Design, University Centre Doncaster. 'The Fundamentals of Design Management is a dynamic publication that delivers exactly what it says on the tin. The second of two books by Kathryn Best is a critical addition to any aspiring design manager's library. It would also serve as a valuable reference tool for any business leader who wishes to successfully harness the power of design.' Gethin Roberts, Engineering Designer, July 2010. 'An excellent overall introduction to Design Management. Covers all areas that our program includes.' Judith Gregory, George Brown College, Canada. 'I like the layout of the book, and find the content useful and relevant.' Kelly Sant, University of Brighton, UK.

The Fundamentals of Design Management
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