Out of Sight: Urban Art Abandoned Spaces

Not all art craves attention, some of it hides in the secret places — buried treasure out in the urban wilderness. Empty rooms of derelict buildings bear strange markings left by an unknown tribe. These works are gifts given only to the occasional explorer, found in abandoned factories, warehouses, industrial sites and churches. Artists of many stripes find themselves attracted to these twilight zones. In recent years something of a movement has come to light, huddled around the idea of urban decay and abandonment as the ultimate canvas. The intervention of street art in these places ranges from walled spaces saturated with layer upon layer of tags to strange little installations intended to mess with your head. So the next time you think about placement, why not look a little off the beaten track?

Contributors include Roa, Kikx, Cyclops, Sweet Toof, Santos, Aryz, Vine, Seacreative, Steaz, Wacks, Centina, RefreshInk, James Kalinda, Hans Geyens, Jelle Geudens, Resto1981, Xulfs, Irvin, Mayb, Anton, Eyes.B, Kim Köster, Rocket 01, Phlegm, FaunaGraphic, Lo Mutartis, Blo, DMV Crew, Septik, DJa'lou, Ziru, Kan, Nikozen, Bom.K, Pobel and Ecloz.

Out of Sight: Urban Art Abandoned Spaces
Compiled by RomanyWG
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