Bake Something Great!: 400 Bars, Squares and Cookies

With a laminated board cover, an enclosed wire binding, and full-page color photos throughout, this deluxe cookbook could easily become your favorite resource for cookies, squares, and bars. Nearly all of the recipes are presented one-to-a-page with detailed information in different fonts and colors, including a quick description, yield, freezability, and times for preparation and baking, as well as ingredients and step-by-step directions with variations and tips. A test kitchen manager for a major flour maker, Jill Snider presents such irresistible treats as Chocolate Caramel Pecan Rounds, Maple Nut Bars, Orange Cream Cheese Brownies, Chocolate Toffee Cookie Brittle, and Black Forest Cookies.

Bake Something Great!: 400 Bars, Squares and Cookies
Jill Snider
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480 stron
Robert Rose
24,3 x 20,3 x 3,6 cm
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