The Vitamins Minerals Bible

A practical guide to 100 star ingredients – and the vitamins and minerals within them – to help strengthen, refresh, and improve your health. Understand the scientific information about the foods that provide your body with the vital nutritional benefits it needs, and then be inspired with simple and delicious recipes.The Vitamins & Minerals Bible will be your definitive guide to the nutrients your body needs: • VITAMIN E, found in eggs, fresh fruit, and whole grains, helps skin heal and fight infection • Found in bananas, spinach, and chicken POTASSIUM, is a nutrient known to help beat fatigue • IRON is a vital component of red blood cells which boosts energy and reduces fatigue • Steak and pumpkin seeds are common in their high source of ZINC, a mainstay of the immune system • Energy booster Vitamin B1 can increase energy levels and lower blood pressure, improving all-round health.
The Vitamins Minerals Bible
Saragh Vaughan
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Octopus Publishing
230 x 200 x 30 (mm)
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