Basics Illustration: Text and Image

Basics Illustration: Text and Image is part of the Basics Illustration series exploring key areas of illustration through case studies and key creative “basics”. Text and Image explores the interpretation of words into pictures and the interplay of text and images as two forms of visual representation. 

The book features a wide range of work demonstrating diverse visual languages, ideas, techniques and skills. It also examines the production of artefacts, for example, artists’ books, graphic novels, posters and handmade typography, stencils, graffiti, and fonts designed by illustrators. Text and Image looks at how to manipulate text as though it were an image and how to interpret and use the elements together.

Basic principles of graphic communication are introduced through case studies and examples in which the relationships between illustration and other creative disciplines are analysed and explored.

Key features:

- Examines the interpretation of words into pictures and the interplay of text and image.
- Introduces fundamental techniques and acts as a resource on international contemporary practice.
- Provides a broad understanding of illustration in the context of communication design.


Undergraduate students studying illustration.
Practising professionals and teachers in applied visual arts.
Anyone interested in developing their illustration skills and knowledge of illustration.

About the author:

Artist, illustrator and academic Mark ‘Wigan’ Williams was an early pioneer of the trans-global club art in 1980s New York, London and Tokyo. Mark’s work has evolved into a multimedia archive, chronicling the changing worlds of club culture and street style. For the past ten years, he has been lecturing worldwide

Basics Illustration: Text and Image
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